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Alright now. Im gonna tell you all a little bit of a story
About hoow the geets south o the Mexican Dixie line states got cast down into a blimfamous squalor
By a 4 inch gnome that lived under abe lincolns hat.
That’s right
I’ll tell you this little story . It’ll, you know…take a lil time so why don’t you sit down and enjoy yourself.
Have a little smoke.
So, this Little Gnome he lived under abe lincolns hat,
well, he was pullin all the strings like a presidential marionette.
And he made all these decisions
to cast all these people into places they didn’t wanna be!
But so hear this… this little gnome,
he had a little grin on his face…
and he had a hat, looked juust like abe Lincoln,
that yould mistake him if you saw him from afar
But he wouldn’t look so far cause he’s really up close!
So let me tell you again. Little Gnome!
Tell me why? Why would you sell me this?
Why would you tell your people they cannot live?
Why would you be in that place?
you cannot be under abe lincolns hat…telling him what to do.
Aghh. Little Gnome.
Little Gnome.
Little Gnome come over here bring me your tears!
Little Gnome come over here lend me your tears!
Yeah Little Gnome, dance!
Dance monkey, like you got a monkey in your pants
Oh. Dance like you makin abe lincoln dance, come on
Tellin Jumble J Grant and Scarred Ass Lee that he cant be the man he wants to be
Tellin them they gotta be generals,
fightin wars, pittin men against each other, brothers against brothers..
why would you do that?
Huh? Dance gnome! Dance gnome!
Dance you monkey-gnome, dance some more, dance some more
Cmon, dance like you Abe Lincoln.
That’s right, fuck you gnome. Yeah!
Oh and you leddybug, you
know who you are
Where you are
You’re a gnome!


released January 1, 1902



all rights reserved


Predator Flagship Santa Cruz, California

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