by Predator Flagship

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Then there was nothing.
In the toxic, over-oxidized waste pool we now call the great ocean
Except the bare charged particulates of ravaged elements
Swimming around in a remoulade of ruptured earth
In the tasteless stinking sweat of the comets we call water
Bubbling and mingling in a masquerade ball of chemical interaction
Suckling, slinking, stingling
To again be torn asunder into combination anew
Endlessly conflagrating and coalescing
To again be shattered and ripletted
As is the way the chaos bosom of the infinite universe
Fragment upon fragment
Undulating, orbitizing, evaporating away... from the conglomerate whole
A shattered shitweb of beautiful relational nonsense
...That is until… the great Poseidon
Master of the relentless tides
Again is furiously exposed from beneath the electromagnetic waves of a symphony of the everexploding sun, to unleash his heathenous pointless rage upon the earth, from the refuge of the barren moon!

Atom upon atom is smashed together with the great force of a tide that courses and conduces
Creating beings, nonsense giblets of the lipids and amino acids
that ever replicate themselves with the eternal blueprint of nucleic tome
Smeared together with the Elmer’s glue of deoxyribose.
Insignificant! Although complex and fascinating.
Simple, stupid squid jigglets
With a one track theological complex:
To scramble, to scavenge, to fornicate
That is until…

Low tide
A murky dribblus of jaundiced moonlight glistens
As the crevices murmur of the scuttlings of pathetic arthropods
But there is one…little baby gimulus
Sick of dragging his stick through the scrum jugglets of his dweidling kinfolk
He’s tired. He’s so sick and tired. He’s tired of eating shit all the time.
That is until he decides to pull himself up by the bootstraps beneath his feet!
To crawl his ass up the side of a cliff
To crawl on the street dragging his way across
feeling as though, “I could handle this place! I could become one with this world!
All I have to do is pick up the shit from the street and sell it again for top dollar!”
That’s right.

Boy I’ll tell you a little bit now bout how gimulus came beggin for more

Well little gimi told me, he said, “fat on the fork now”
Well little gimi gave me coke! Oh he gave me a little-bit-o-dat-ho
Oh he grabbed me by the toe and he said “oh im buyin dis..
Or you can buy it from me! How does that feel?”
Little gimi told me!

And that’s the little mr. gimulus became king of the universe
He sold me everything he had in his warehouse box:
A briefcase full of trinkets and golden glittering items
that made me giggle
And sing a little bit,
gave me a step to my feet,
and I felt like dancing when I bought his items!
And little gimulus
with his small black beady eyes darting back and forth
and his mouth waving around in a tenticular… oscillation movement
Hypnotizing me,
Waving his claws in the air

This is a tale of little gimulus who sold me the world
and became owner of the world at the same time! Yep!
Oh! Oh Mr. gimulus, he was a gentleman
when he put on that top hat and those glasses
and those alligator skinnn boots
He danced about… like a crab does
Like only a crab does.
Das right.

Well I’ll tell you how much he gave it to me for
About 2/10ths of a penny
And bout 10/4ths of a gold piece
And he made it into a dollar
That was actually more like a Benjamin Laventer dollar bill
Yes. He sold it to me. He sold me the world
Quite possibly the best sales maggot that ever lived
And now hes crawling his way up the top of a golden pile
The golden pyramid pile of visceral experience
To taste the titbiddlits of flavors that are there to be offered
To the tip of Poseidon
das right

little baby gimulus little baby gimulus…..etc
little baby gimme that little baby gimme this...
caught up in a thunderstorm of… capitalist flavor!

yes. Let me tell you.
Cause this is a fable of how, little baby gimulus did what he does
And will continue to do what he does until you can’t remember his name anymore
So listen when I say
Now, the moral of the story is,
Don’t fuck with crabbis
How could that be all it is?
Don’t flap your blabbis
Cause this is the story of how
Now that you asked me now
Imma gonna grab you by the jowls
Imma let you know right now
He’s sellin his whales on the street, he’ll beg at your feet.
Whoa! Yes. Cause this is the fable how
Now that you’ve asked me now
Imma gonna grab you by the jowls
Imma gonna let you know right now
Taste it, sell it, but most of all just buy it from him.


released May 5, 1983



all rights reserved


Predator Flagship Santa Cruz, California

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